Monday, January 21, 2008

My Filthy Wants

This may be stating the bleeding obvious, but it’s important to reiterate the sentiments that bought this station into fruition in the first place.

That is to promote Kiwi bands, largely ignored by mainstream media, home & abroad.

Internet Radio allows me to promote New Zealand Alternative Music to a worldwide audience.

It also offers a platform to establish a ‘live music museum’ - preserving music memories ,whilst at the same time promoting new acts.

I am always on the hunt for ‘lost gems’.

Some obscure limited edition 7” single that has been bought to light after residing in some fans book-shelf for 20 years & re-born by digitisation.

A compilation cassette comprising long dead regional bands.

Despite the efforts of home-grown labels like Failsafe (Rob for knighthood?) sadly much of New Zealand’s output alternative music scene 1980-2000 will never be re-released and largely exists only as a limited release piece of vinyl.

Please (makes sound like small puppy begging) if you can digitise/mp3 any music by the following bands I’d appreciate it.

Hey, I can hardly waltz into a record-shop and order it, can I? So I don’t feel I’m ripping the artists off by bludging in such an open blaise fashion.

WANTED! (in no particular order)

*Victor Dimisich Band* *Bressa Creeting Cake* *Bike*
*Dribbling Darts Of Love* *Dead Famous People* *Gerling*
*Ape Management* *Axel Grinders* *Death Ray Café*
*Milton Stowaways* *Murder Inc* *Marie & The Atom*

Footnote; Some of these artists appear on compilations of various kinds I have accumulated. I’m after their individual output if at all poss.
Ta very much.

The Internet Radio Revolution HAS Begun

In 1951 crumple zones were first developed by Mercedes-Benz as a part of their ‘standard’ vehicle production. 1982 Mercedes introduced pre-tensioned seat-belts, we think nothing of today. Anti-locking brakes, traction control and airbags, are all Mercedes innovations, now standard on modern vehicles. In 2008 all new Mercedes will roll-off the production-line armed with an internet radio. That means motorists in Europe and the U.S can tune into 'Pure NZ Alt Radio' as they cruise along the autobahn or freeway. Just how frigging cool is that! Kiwi music blaring out of those car speakers - broadcast over the net from a radio station run out of a Christchurch study! Yes folks, what is innovative one day, rapidly becomes 'standard' the next. And in the not too distant future as internet radio become the norm in cars & households around the globe, existing commercial music stations will crumble as low cost specialist shows like this eat into their market.You can listen to the music you want to hear.Be it Lithuanian Follk Songs, Death Metal or Acid Jazz, there is an internet station playing exactly what you want to hear.

The internet radio revolution HAS started.
You read it here first.
Footnote: A portable Wifi Internet Radio is already on N.Z shelves at Dick Smith Electronics for NZ$300 (approx US$230)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life in the fridge exists

Cripes, I now have a blog!

Sh*t that means more time on the internet (imagines hearing wives complaining voice in his ear & begins sweating profusely)

To get down to brass tacks my blog is an attempt to further publicise my humble little radio station that went to air (do internet stations do that?) in December and needs a kick in the pants marketing wise, so punters can discover its existence, and tune in.

That’s hard to do with a marketing budget of: zip, nout, not one brass razoo.

So here we are, it’s my chance to post some crap that will attract punters to my station courtesy of those nifty google spider things that lurk in the shadows and hopefully may even grace this insignificant ‘speck of dust’ site.

So what’s been happening at Pure NZ Alt Radio since I returned from my Christmas Hol’s?

Well a sh*t load really.

Over the past couple of weeks, since I began my publicity offensive, there’s been a day by day growth in both listener numbers and hours.

That’s encouraging that I’m striking a cord (no pun intended) with some folk on this spinning piece of rock.

Interestingly over 40 per cent of those listeners are from outside New Zealand.

Ohh errr.

My play-list is close to 15 hours and was completely cleaned out only 5 days ago so all content is fresh ‘to consume’.

From vinyl rips, obscure overseas re-releases, limited run e.p’s and other stuff buried in the vault (a.k.a dusty boxes in my garage) comes some real gems:

- Pterodactyls
- Fetus Productions
- Ballon D’eassi
- Bird Nest Roys
- Cakekitchen
- Doublehappys
- Goblin Mix
- Great Unwashed
- Heazlewood
- Jean Paul Satre Experience
- King Loser
- Look Blue Go Purple
- Loves Ugly Children
- The Mad Scene
- Nocturnal Projections
- Tall Dwarfs
- Wasp Factory

And these are just the ones I can remember! They say you lose ‘x’ amount of brain cells with every drink you have.

So listen out for that obscure song you thought was lost to time and fascist record companies who wouldn’t know music if it sat on them.

All that ol' stuff, plus the brand-spanking latest outpourings I’ve got my grubby paws on.

That's stuff by:

- Batchelorette
- Maryrose Crook
- The Tweeks
- The Sneaks
- Shocking Pinks
- Ghost Club
- Meat Bix
- Mint Chicks
- Die! Die! Die!


There’s a link to the left.

See ewes going baa.