Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Zealand’s Scariest Music Videos

I came across the topic line ‘Scariest Music Videos’ on another blog, which tickled my fancy – so being a good Kiwi lad, I flogged it!

Then I got thinking about scary music videos from New Zealand bands, I’d come across.

By the way I’m using the term ‘scary’ in the broadest definition of the word, I guess you could also extend this banner to include ‘dark’ as well.

So I searched my memory banks, put my balding thinking-cap on, and came-up with some local videos I personally believe are worthy of consideration, for the lofty mantle of (uses booming, deep announcers voice to herald) ‘New Zealand’s Scariest Music Video’.

You of course may think differently, this being a very subjective subject.

So tell us your own fav’s via the comments section.

For your viewing pleasure we have……

Childrens Hour - ‘Carolines Dream’
Headless Chickens – ‘George’
Fetus Productions – ‘Flicker’
Skeptics – ‘AFFCO’
Head Like a Hole – ‘Fish Across The Face’

Next on my agenda 'New Zealands Worst Music Videos'.

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