Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Zealands Worst Music Videos

At first you are half expecting to hear narration about other tourist destinations in New Zealand to come in over the song - when up pops this gorky guy in a denim top, wearing ghastly gloves who then begins the most God awful exhibition of break-dancing imaginable. This begins a downward spiral of cringe-worthy ‘miss matched’ cultural identifiers placed together in sequence.

That’s a great idea & sure winner there Noel! Let’s produce the worst video imaginable to accompany the worst Kiwi song ever penned. Who needs Neil & Tim anyway?

Try and remember this was a hit single in 1978, back when you were labelled zany by wearing costume-hire on two nights running & there was no internet or play-stations. In other works the public was easily amused. Exhibit A; Mother Goose.

I’m picking there was a limited budget here. Could have been those plastic plants in the background, or may be it was the authentic leopard-skin waist-coat? The church-dance lighting may also be another indicator. On the plus side it goes and shows you – Hawaiian shirts never go out of style.

Look everyone our ‘How to be Punks Kit’ has just in the post all the way from the U.K. Unfortunately it was sent surface-post and arrived two years too late. Rumour has it The Reptiles made a blood pact never to smile & the lead singer Zero actually has a wardrobe full of dodgy old rain-coats. She wasn’t adverse donning a rubbish bag or two in her day, best place for this.

The title of the song is Cactus Cat so the creative team came-up with the novel idea of interspersing the miming L.B.G.P with cactus plants and a black-cat. Wow! Mind you not even Speilberg himself, could have rescued one of the worst Flying Nun singles ever. Pets may work for commercials, but patently not so with music videos.

Shoot me your horrors!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the non-continuance of the blog, but I've only just discovered the bit about bad music videos. They've long been an interest of mine, and might I nominate 'Heart And Soul' by the Narcs. All sorts of things wrong with this one, but one of the standout bits is the totally gratuitous use of 'video effects'. Oh yeah, when you're in a band you really want to look abnormally short, fat and wide because that's so cool. I've already dissed this one on YouTube, but ye gods it deserves to be here.